Depression, Anxiety & Trauma

“Change your thoughts and you will change the world.”

Feelings of sadness or worry are often normal reactions to life’s stressors, however they are not always easily resolved or managed, and can persist or worsen, negatively impacting your day-to-day life. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, or trauma-related disorders (listed below) can frequently interfere with your job, school, relationships, etc., and are among the most common mental health concerns successfully treated in therapy.


  • You have feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, or worthlessness most of the time
  • You have become withdrawn and no longer have the desire to do the things you once enjoyed.
  • You have experienced significant changes in your sleep and/or appetite.
  • You often feel fatigued or lack energy often.
  • You feel disconnected or have problems concentrating, or have difficulty making decisions.
  • You have frequent thoughts about death.


  • You have racing thoughts and feel overwhelmed, as if your emotions and thoughts are difficult to control.
  • You feel restless, keyed-up, or on edge.
  • You are easily fatigued, have difficulty concentrating, or your mind goes blank.
  • You feel irritable, experience muscle tension and/or sleep disturbances.

Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders:

You have been exposed to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence causing:

  • recurrent, involuntary, and intrusive distressing memories of the event
  • recurrent, distressing dreams related to the event
  • flashbacks or feeling as if the event is occurring again
  • intense or prolonged distress when encountering cues or triggers connected to the event
  • persistent avoidance of things associated with the event
  • inability to remember important aspects of the event
  • negative beliefs or expectations about yourself
  • persistent feelings of fear, anger, guilt, shame
  • feeling detached from others
  • loss of interest in significant activities and difficulty experiencing happiness, love, etc.
  • irritable behavior or angry outbursts
  • feeling on edge or startling easily
  • problems with concentration or sleep disturbance